Siren Head Sound of Despair

It was just a few months after the bombarding in Belgrade. The Year was 1999. My husband and i went camping near the city.There is a nice piece of nature there. Trees, grass, fresh air… But then it happend! I woke up and my husband was gone! I must find him. Hope he’s not hurt. Hope is all i got now.nOnce i start to search for my man i encounter him… Siren Head is his name.Was this some kind of military secret project or some strange mutation?n nI have to fight it, have to kill it… n Mouse 1 : fire weaponnMouse 2 : raise sights or blocknW, S, A, D : move playernLeft Shift : sprintnLeft Ctrl : crouchnX : pronenSpace : jumpnF : use itemnR : reloadnH : holster weaponnC : Change Camera ViewnV : melee attacknM: show mapnEsc or Tab: Pause n n

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